Cami & Dani Take Mexico

So last weekend, I embarked on my first trip ever to Mexico City AKA ‘The Motherland’ and it was so inspiring! I won’t make you read too much, but I made a photo journal of the things I saw and experienced while I was there. Tried to take as much as I could, so I’ve segmented them by the cities I visited. Before heading to Mexico, I realized I knew very little of the country that is technically where my ancestry derives. So needless to say, I went in expecting nothing with a open mind and an open heart! Traveling is something I want to do more of this year, and I’m so glad I got to with my bestie Dani AKA @littlemixico who is actually from there. Ate our way and turned every street corner, wall, and alley way into a photoshoot.

Click here to see the the what we ate in action. Hint- I may have had grasshoppers! But here are the pictures I took!



San Miguel

Mexico City

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Mexico through my eyes! I can’t wait to go back and experience it differently the next time!

XOXO Camille Elena 

Camille Elena

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