Daily Affirmations for Myself (& You)

For a while now, I’ve gone back and forth with myself on my willingness to open up and share to people what’s in my heart. Most days I’m like YES, take it all! and those are the days I see growth and progress. Then every once in awhile, I’m withholding and shut everything and everyone out. Those are the days that I feel I withdrawn, and sink into this sort of melancholy. But then I’m like, grow up Camille, and I get over it.

The rumors are true: ya girl is 27! And though I’m a year older I still don’t know everything about life, but I know a bit more about it and myself. So I’ve written this in hopes that someone somewhere is encouraged and just realizes what a true badass they are! Because Lord knows I have to remind myself!

Here are some things I tell myself daily to remind myself that I’m a badass:

1. Trust in yourself. For months, I’ve been having a mini ‘identity crisis’ asking myself questions like ‘why am I doing this?’ or ‘what’s this all for?’ Because yes, even I have moments of self-doubt. But sometimes I just have to remind myself that I am who I am, and I’ve just got to keep being me, but better. I feel like I’ve gone through worse things in life and I’m still here, so why am I doubting that I can move forward and progress? The point is: I shouldn’t, and neither should you!

2. Stop caring so much about what others think. I don’t know if it comes with being a mom or an adult, but it’s like all of a sudden everyone has an opinion on how you should be a grown up, a parent, a woman… You name it. But honestly, one of the most empowering realizations anyone can ever have is that they don’t have to let what others say bother them! Shocking right? Once you realize that, you can truly be the happiest version of yourself and be the rockstar mom/person you were born to be! Like if your kid is happy and your bills are paid, then you’re doing amazing sweetie.

3. Surround yourself with other badasses. We’ve all heard the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’, but do we truly understand what that means? When our moms said it, they meant for us not to hang with the wrong crowd. But hello, the same applies in the positive aspect. Having folks that are like-minded who are just driven as you are and who you can go to for encouragement is super important! This has been my favorite thing about adulthood, and I truly love the people who I’ve chosen to be in my corner because I love cheering them on as they do me.

4. Realize that no one’s perfect. I know we all like to portray the perfect life (whatever that may be) on social media, but let’s be honest life can definitely get crazy. I know firsthand that it’s so easy to compare! Especially when you see someone who is perceived to be more fit than you, while you’re scrolling through your feed eating potato chips with hot sauce on them. But you just can’t let that sort of negativity get to you. Knowing who you are and remembering nobody’s perfect (not even Kim K), will help brush off those negative feelings.

So with all that being said, cheers to learning new things and coming to new realizations this coming year. I’m super ready for what 27 throws at me!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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