FreeTime Over the Holidays

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It’s official: The holiday season is upon us! While kids will rejoice, I know as a parent keeping them entertained on their break seems almost dreadful. Figuring our how to keep my toddler busy isn’t always easy, but the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet keeps her pretty occupied which is great considering the amount of traveling we’ll be doing around the holidays!

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet has all sorts of cool features that will keep your child nice and entertained all throughout Christmas break! My favorite features include the Offline mode, which simply means that you can view all your favorite Amazon FreeTime Unlimited apps and books while in Airplane mode! Having access to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is what helps keep her busy and keeps me sane, because the holidays can definitely get crazy!

Knowing my kid has the accessibility to learning tools and all sorts of fun stuff while she’s on her break from school, is a great relief. I know there is no fun in being bored, but I love that this fuels her imagination.

Here are some fun facts about the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet:

It comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited. Hello, that is a great deal right there! With access to over 15,000 books, apps, and videos you and your family will literally have so much information at the tips of your fingers.

It has an 8-hour battery life. Now hear me out, I would never just sit her down for 8 hours on a device, but the fact that it doesn’t need to charge every second is amazing! And while we’re on that note, setting time limits to the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is so easy.

Offline Mode. Like I mentioned earlier, you can still do FreeTime even when you’re offline. This might be my absolute favorite feature, like ever! I seriously love not having to worry about whether or not she’ll get disconnected, and that makes us both happy!

Thanking my lucky stars that I have the best gadget for Z this season, so be sure to check out the amazing deals that Amazon has going on! With so many different tablets, you can certainly find the perfect one for you and the fam!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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