For a long time (since I can remember), Christmas shopping has always been super overwhelming for me when it comes to choosing gifts. I’ll admit I get a little nervous when deciding because I’m always scared they won’t like it, or it wouldn’t be what they wanted. Finding gifts for everyone isn’t always easy, but this year it was a snap thanks to JCPenney and the deals they have going on during the holidays!

JCPenney has a great selection of gifts for the whole family and it has definitely been my one-stop-shop for selecting gifts this season! It is such a relief to be done with holiday shopping one month in advance!

So here’s what I got with my #JCPchallenge:

Toys for the kids.

Every year my sister and her family visit from Colorado so getting my niece something she can take along with her while she travels was essential for her gift . This year I got her a Paw Patrol Sticker Box, which I thought would be perfect for when she is on the plane. There is over a thousand stickers and to be honest I don’t know a toddler who’s not into stickers. For Zara I got the Melissa & Doug Band-In-A-Box. Lately, she’s been taking an interest in music and this seemed like a fun way to explore that interest.

Stocking Stuffers.

Stocking stuffers are probably my most favorite to give. It really just takes the pressure of me from having to decide on giving a person just one gift. JCPenney has so many to choose from! I chose a six foot charger cord for my mom to make her life easier. I remember her complaining that her cord was too short. For Dani, I got a Wet Brush Pro because every time this brush is simply the best!

So happy that I can enjoy the holidays with my family instead of scrambling last minute for gifts! Hope y’all have the best Christmas and don’t forget to check out JCPenney to do your own #JCPchallenge because they have the best deals!

JCPenney provided me with products and compensation. The opinions I have shared about the products are my own. #SoWorthIt

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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