Big D Holiday

With relatives coming in for the holidays, it really turns up the pressure for family entertainment. Luckily, Dallas has so much going on in November and December that getting bored this season won’t even be an option! my favorite thing to do with the family is Netflix and chill, but this year it’s just so hard to pass up everything that’s going on.

Zara and I started early and got to do some exploring over Thanksgiving break to get into the spirit. We had so much fun running around Fair Park (yes, there are events happening year round when Big Tex isn’t here) for Holiday Wonder Light Festival! It was such a joy sharing hot cocoa and getting some quality family time before the craziness of the holidays set in.

We explored Fair grounds and got really into the Holiday spirit with the celebrations of lights, but there are all sorts of things to do while you’re there. There’s a slide, an acrobat show, and vendors to shop from after you go around the park.

This year, my friends at Visit Dallas want you to have as much fun as possible and to do that I am hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram! The winner will get to experience Dallas through the holidays and into the new year with a fun family package on them!

To see what else is happening in Dallas through the Holidays, check out!

-XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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