Insta-Worthy Desserts in Oak Cliff

WARNING: These photos might actually make you break your diet.

So being a food blogger has its ups and down. An up is that, hey I get to try all sorts of tasty foods. And Dallas is definitely not short of tastiness. Down side: I think I’ve consumed my calorie quote for the rest of my LIFE! Zara & I spent an entire Saturday seeking out the best spots to get some sweet (and insta-worthy) treats in the heart of Oak Cliff!

1. JOY Macarons– This place and their aesthetic is literal Insta-heaven… and I mean, their macarons & macaron ice cream sandwich are pretty amazing, but I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the decor because it’s so on point! So while we were there, we had the ‘Cereal Killer’ and it was basically the bomb. What it is is a macaron ice cream sandwich, and it’s as every bit of amazing as you could imagine. They’re also known for their maracons (of course), so if you’re not feeling a giant sammie they certainly do hit the spot.

2. Encanto Pops– Not your mama’s paletaria! This place has so many flavors from the classics to mixed, modern flavors. But my personal favorite flavor combo is the mango and chamoy paleta! There’s just something about adding spice to the best fruit (in my opinion) flavor. When you’re there also ask about their Taki Locos, which is basically Takis, jicama, cucumbers, and chamoy candy smothered in chamoy. So if you’re like me and love everything that’s spicy (even dessert), then this is the place for you!

3. Nice Ice Shop– So they’re technically the new kid on the block and they’re still trying to gain their street cred, but I promise Nice Ice Shop Japanese shaved ice is the treat Dallas has been waiting for! It’s light, airy and not to mention sweet. And not to mention just different than your typical snow cone. They also host community events and have open mic nights for those that need to get out for the evening for a sweet snack and live music!

Whether you’re traveling from out of town and don’t have a clue where to eat, or are local and struggle with that same issue… Dallas is definitely never short on places to eat! For more info on what to eat in Dallas, check out my foodie page The Dallas Yum! I promise, it’s worth a follow!

Stay tuned for a gift card giveaway to Joy Macarons over on my and The Dallas Yum Instagram!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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