How To Have a Stress-Free Holiday

The Holiday Season is so wonderful, but at the same time it can be a bit overwhelming if events, family gatherings, and shopping are piled up into a few short weeks before Christmas. This happens to me every year, and yet I already know Christmas is coming up! I’ve decided to break the cycle this year and get my shopping done early not only for the sake of my own sanity, but for the sake of the holiday when I’m supposed to be focusing on my family instead of gifts. This season, I’m partnering with Sephora inside JCPenney to highlight gifts that will make your whole Christmas shopping experience way easy!

Gifts I’m super into this year:

Anything that comes in a set. If it makes my life simpler, then I have to have it! Gift sets are a great stocking stuffer and just take all of the hassle of choosing one thing for that one person. If you ask me, it really takes the pressure off wondering if they’ll like what you got them. Sephora inside JCPenney has loads of sets to choose from this year! With sets like GlamGlow Let it Glow! Volcasmic Set and all the new and exclusive Sephora Favorites Kits available, shopping was an absolute breeze!

Makeup. Okay, maybe I’m biased or maybe I just have a lot of female relatives… but makeup is always on my list of goods to give! Sephora Collection’s limited edition Paint the Town Nude lipstick set is so perfect for literally any gal you know, simply because of all the different shades of nude that come with it. Like hello, who knew there were so many different kinds? Warm-toned eye shadows work pretty well with most skin tones as well. The new Sephora Collection Easy on the Eyes Palette and Tarte Treasure Box Collector’s Set both have the perfect variety of fall shades that are great for adding a hint of glamor to your everyday look.

Tips to having a stress free holiday:

  • Plan ahead. Yes, sometimes last minute plans can be quite fun, but during the holidays it’s crucial to have a plan when it comes to selecting gifts or simply planning which order to visit your family in. I’ll be honest, most of the time I’m usually winging it through life but when I know it’s going to be a busy season I take the time to at least make a list of important things that need to be done. That way I have a general idea of what my day will look like.

  • Be flexible. The truth is, life happens and things don’t always go as planned. So being prepared and having a good attitude for whatever might come your way this holiday (like unexpected visitors) will really help with your own mental health. And who knows, you might actually have a good time. So what if things aren’t picture perfect. Is your family having a good time? Yes? Then well done, you’re doing great!

  • Remind yourself why you’re celebrating. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all. Reminding yourself that family is what’s really important this time of year can really help solve the problem of getting distracted by what isn’t. So just take this time to just relax and focus on all the good stuff.

Sephora inside JCPenney provided me with products and compensation. The opinions I have shared about the products are my own. #SephoraInJCP #SoWorthIt

-XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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