Toddler Friendly Fun at The State Fair of Texas

Being a parent sure changes things, and that includes bringing them to one of Dallas’ most anticipated events of the season: The State Fair of Texas. I’ve been going to the Fair nearly every year, and now that I get to take Zara along it’s like getting to relive some of my most favorite childhood memories! Taking a toddler to the State Fair may sound stressful, but having a plan of action will help with the overall experience. Today I’m sharing where to go if you’re bringing the kids along on your journey so that everyone has the best experience possible.

3 Places to Visit at the Fair With Kids:

The Kidsway- This is an area of the fair with rides specifically designed for kids, so this was the first spot we hit. This is Zara’s first year as a ‘big girl’, so she soaked in every second of every ride she convinced her dad or grandpa to take her on! Needless to say it was hard getting her out of this area, but when she learned where we were going next she had no problem making her way to the other side of the Cotton Bowl.

The Barn- If your little one is too little for the rides in the Kidway, head over to the barn for some interactive play! Kids can go through with their parents to do simple ‘chores’ on the farm like feeding the chickens, milking the cow, picking out vegetables from the garden, and riding a mini tractor. Zara loved being a farmer even if it was just for a few minutes. At the end, the kids are awarded a snack for their ‘hard work’ which is another reason to love this section of the Fair.

Petting Zoo- Since Dallas can’t decide whether it still wants to be fall or still cling to summer, the weather can be pretty unpredictable at times. Taking a break from the sun is sometimes necessary! Especially when kids are involved. Besides the normal Fair activities, there are plenty of indoor activities to go and explore with your child. The petting zoo is always so cool because of how close you can get to the animals. There are kangaroos, buffalo, donkeys, and even a camel! They allow you to give them a snack and pet them (if you’re brave enough).

Well I’ve officially eaten my weight in fried fair foods, so until next time Big Tex, we’ll see you next year!

There is still plenty of time to make your way to the State Fair of Texas and definitely plenty of time to check out for all of the fun events happening in Dallas this fall!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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