Margarita Crawl 2017

It’s no secret that one of my most favorite things to do in Dallas is eat and drink! In fact, people are always coming to me to ask where they should eat and once they’ve gone they come back and tell me how much they loved it.

Well, me and Dani have come up with 3 of our favorite places to get frozen (and regular) Margaritas in Dallas! And here’s a fun fact: the frozen margarita was actually invented in Dallas! So if there’s one thing I can assure you it’s that you’re guaranteed to find your favs like we did.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think of the selections we made.

Thanks for watching, and shoutout to Tim for helping us make this bomb video! And also, if you haven’t already heard me and Dani have a YouTube Channel so go ahead and subscribe!!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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