Why I Said BYE to Engagement Groups

TRUE STORY: I really love social media. When I was in business school and a new mom trying to figure out what I actually wanted to do for the rest of my life, I never envisioned myself working as a blogger and spending the majority of my time creating content for social media. In fact, social media wasn’t even talked about in class unless the professor was telling us to put our phones away. What I loved most when I started paying more attention and wanted to consider myself a blogger/influencer was the immediate sense of community. I wanted to meet more mamas and make friends who could relate to this new mom, and for the first time I had found it!

Camille Elena finally had friends.

Yes, finding a community and opening up to people who I’d never actually met seemed a bit unorthodox at first… but I figured they wouldn’t be following me if they didn’t like me at least a little, right? So here I am, putting myself out there, making connections in this ‘mom-blogger’ world, giving it all I’ve got and I’m thinking to myself, ‘I think I can actually do this’.

Fast forward to when Instagram changed their algorithm and our feeds aren’t in chronological order… bloggers/influencers/small shops are all freaking out. We all want to keep growing and are all scared that our followers won’t see us as much on their feed. As a blogger, I can say that this is a real concern! We’ve all worked so hard to create this content, and the last thing we want is to be winnowed out to the point of  irrelevance. So I tried every trick in the book to try and beat this algorithm, because was damn sure it wasn’t going to beat me. And I did what any scared-for-my-job blogger would do: I joined multiple engagement groups.

So here’s what they are… Engagement groups: they’re groups either on Instagram (or apps like WhatsApp) that you send your photo to when you’ve posted, and the members of this group (usually other bloggers/influencers) will comment/like & engage with it to make this photo seem attractive and ‘popular’.

Why I said BYE to Engagement Groups:

  1. Honestly, they’re just so hard to keep up with. Imagine coming onto a social media platform to chat with people, only to find that you are being obligated to engage with pages that you may not follow or may not necessarily like to keep up with? It’s such a drag to me. It felt like a second job, and I could see that it was taking away from the precious time I have with my family. I’m on my phone enough as it is, and this was making me feel like I was wasting time. And yes, social media is definitely a ‘you get what you give’ kinda business, but I was giving too much for too little a return.
  2. Engagement groups are so exhausting,  and I disengaged from the people who were actually there to have a conversation. Being in several engagement groups was so stressful. I barely had time to comment back to all the amazing people I’d met through social media, and it finally just came to the point where I was like, ‘why am I doing this again?’ I really had to evaluate my motive for having social media in the first place. Because I wasn’t there to have the highest amount of likes, comments, and overall engagement. I was there to be real and be myself!
  3. It felt dishonest. Now I’m not saying that if this is something you choose to do to help boost your engagement that you’re a piece of crap. That is not at all what I’m saying. But what I’m saying is, trying to stay ahead by doing little tricks can become a slippery slope. It almost felt like I was tricking brands, and I didn’t want any part of that anymore.

Here’s are more organic ways to boost engagement:

  • Positivity. Ever notice how people don’t like hanging around with others that have a negative attitude? Well, the same concept applies to social media. No one wants to follow someone who’s a sour-puss or hates on people all the time! So when you’re posting, always keep that in mind.
  • Be Yourself- flaws and all. People aren’t looking for perfection, they’re looking for a connection. It’s okay not to have a super-model figure or no stretch marks. You’re just a normal human being, which will make you relatable. We all just want someone we can relate with.
  • Always put out your best content. Having planned content is always a good idea. This is basically how content creators keep their page pretty, and since this algorithm isn’t going anywhere making your picture count is key!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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  1. So glad you spoke truth on this. I remember someone added me to one and I lasted A DAY. I couldn’t do it, other moms/women were almost pushy even and I didn’t like that. It’s almost stressful and having an Instagram shouldn’t be “stressful”. Thanks for sharing Camille! Love ya girlfriend.

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