Saturday Faturday!

Weekends are great! It’s the time we get to spend with friends and family, and it’s the time we get to unwind and relax a little… In case you didn’t already know, the city of Dallas has a lot of things to offer! Last weekend I had the privilege of exploring Deep Ellum and sharing the experience with one of my favorite blogger buddies, Dani of Little Mixico!

So we all know what a ‘Sunday Funday’, but do y’all know of the term ‘Saturday Faturday’? I like to say that I came up with it, but maybe I just heard it from someone. I define it as a Saturday set aside for continuous eating that usually involves more than one restaurants and yes, there’s definitely some drinking involved.

When people ask me where they should visit while they’re in Dallas, the first thing I usually say is Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum has recently become my go-to for places to eat, explore, and go out! There are so many great well-known spots and tons of hidden gems, that honestly I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of going to.

The first place we stopped at was of course, Stirr! This place not only has a happening night life, but a great selection when it comes to food and drinks, which never cease to amaze me. While we waited for our table, we grabbed a drink at the bar. Dani got the Spicy Mango Margarita and I got the Cheech and Chong that has mezcal (which is currently my favorite)! When our table was ready we headed upstairs to have our first round of food for the day.

One of my favorite things about this place is the view. Whether you’re there by day or night, Stirr has a great view of Dallas. So when you’re there, you have to make sure you take a walk upstairs to capture it. We dined on their steak & eggs and kiesh, and of course we paired it with Frozé, which I chilled rosé. It was perfect for the hot summer day!

Our next stop took us to a spot we’ve never been, Armoury D.E. This place was recommended by our friend Chef Julian from Beto & Son. And we were like, if a chef recommends a place to us then we have to go!

We feasted on octopus and their cheese board is phenomenal. They also have some seriously unique drinks. I’m not much of a Bloody Mary drinker, but when they said theirs had octopus on it, I couldn’t turn it down.

Our final stop was a bit impromptu, but we were in the mood for something sweet! We hiked over to a new boba spot called Bobaddiction, and it’s so yummy and refreshing. This boba milk tea is what dreams are made of, no doubt!

I hope you enjoyed me showing you around Deep Ellum, until next time! And be sure to check out what my friends over at Visit Dallas have going on their blog to see the moments they capture while exploring this great city!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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