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Ladies, life happens so fast. You’re running errands, you’re working out, you’re conquering the world and looking fabulous while doing it… and before you know it, you’re eating your weight in junk food because let’s face it, sometimes there’s hardly any time to eat- much less eat right! So when I want something quick and nutritious that I won’t feel guilty about having, my go-to is OLLY Super Foods Smoothie.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I usually think is ‘coffee’. But lately I’ve been trying to be better about my morning routine, so that I won’t be hangry by the time lunch rolls around. And I know better than to live my life running on an empty tank.

To be honest, my health journey hasn’t been that long. In fact, it’s been sort of an on-again-off-again type of relationship.  So when I finally made the commitment to treat myself better, I took on a few good lifestyle habits that have really helped and of course one of them is improving my eating habits. I just got to the point where I was tired of feeling lethargic and eating things that didn’t necessarily benefit me. There are times when I have cravings and I just go ahead and satisfy it, but most of the time I try to keep my eating clean and cut out all of the bad things.

The main thing I did to help myself out was cutting out (most of my) meats. To some that may seem scary, but I promise it’s not as hard as it sounds! To me, the key is to eat more veggies and fill up on more plant-based proteins. I was just tired of the highs and lows of my battle with my digestive system, and decided to make a few adjustments. OLLY Super Food Smoothie helps aid with my digestive system and helps curb my appetite so that I don’t snack on junk between meals.

Things to spice up your Super Food Smoothie:

1. Cinnamon. Yes, this smoothie mix is already nutritious and packed with tons of flavor, but adding cinnamon will enhance it! Not only does it add to it, but it actually has a great deal of health benefits. So sprinkle them on there!

2. Oats. Whether I’m having the Super Foods Smoothie or the Slim Protein Smoothie, oats is something I like to add to them for bulk and texture especially in the morning! It’s like having an instant breakfast and will definitely keep you full until lunch.

And like any kid, Zara can’t resist anything that tastes like chocolate. She tries to drink my Slim Smoothies when I make them, but since OLLY has some great options for kids I’m going to start giving her the Kids Protein Smoothie. Sure, it tastes like chocolate, but it has a full serving of green veggies!

So whether you’re deep into or just starting your health and wellness journey, OLLY has a lot of great options for wherever you’re at in life!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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