Museums & Margaritas

They say that you should all your fun and to get out while you can before having kids, because having fun won’t be an option… but, I’m going to have to disagree with that statement. Life with a tot has never been more fun than now and there are plenty of options to have fun with the family this summer in Dallas! Me and the family had the pleasure of visiting the Perot Museum of Nature and Science where we played and got to explore the exhibits they had to offer. Watching Zara learn through play is such a great thing and a highlight of being a parent for sure!

When we got there, I think the toughest decision was deciding which floor to get lost in! We played, and watched her do her own thing because she’s fiercely independent. We really enjoyed looking at what our bodies look like, and though I’m sure she couldn’t tell what she was looking at I know for a fact that she had fun. It’s always getting to look through the eyes of a child and just take in the experience.

When we were done exploring, we were definitely starving! I love that this area of Dallas has so many  places to eat within walking distance. We took a hike over to Taqueria la Ventana, because tacos, hello! It also doesn’t hurt that it was a warm and beautiful day, so of course I treated myself to one of their fast margaritas. Taqueria la Ventana is such a cool, low-key place to grab lunch. The tacos are great, the vibe is great, and they have an awesome, insta-worthy wall to snap a photo with! And as you can see, me and Miss Zara took advantage of it!

The month of May is nearly over, but The Perot Museum has lots of events happening over the course of the summer like Summer Discovery Camps, sleep overs, and even a membership that gives you deals on parking and early admission in to the museum. And for all the adults hoping to just have some clean fun and learn, they have an after-hours night each month in the museum called Social Science, which serves as a pretty fun date-night if you ask me! Not to mention they have signature drinks by Wolfgang Puck.

So whether it’s pouring rain or scorching hot (as Dallas tends to get in the summer) the Perot Museum is a great way to have an indoor adventure for anyone at any age. We had so much fun exploring this part of downtown, and can’t wait to visit again!

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XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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