JCP Mother’s Day

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In a world full of great women to look up to, it sure is nice to have a set of my own that I can count on for support and love! In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to dedicate this one to the ladies that have impacted my life the most and have held me through my most vulnerable state and through triumph. These women are my mom, my sister, and my aunt.

I’ve had the great opportunity to partner with JCPenney to share some of the gifts I thought would be great for the mom’s in my life and I touched on what motherhood has been like for me! I’ve just been so blessed to have a strong support system and have them show me what I hope to teach Zara about life, love, and being a woman in today’s world.

Now the fun (hardest for me) part about buying gifts is putting thought and care into each person and choosing something you hope they’ll love! But this year I feel confident that they’ll love what I get this year.

What I’m getting them:

  • mom– My mom is probably the hardest person to shop for, like ever but we still love her. She has one of everything in her closet already, so I think a gift card to JCPenney will suffice this year so she can have fun choosing something for herself.
  • sister– Luna has always had a great sense of fashion and accessories, so the gift I thought would be perfect for her is an  Arrow necklace! It’s dainty, beautiful and great for layering, which she loves doing.
  • aunt– My aunt has such a big heart and a great talent for cooking! Getting her the Cooks Power Blender is what I thought would best suit her personality that way she could use it for her chiles, or whatever she’s whipping up that day!

Hope you enjoyed my suggestions and the video! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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