Zara’s Reveal, And 5 Ways to Update Any Room

A lot can happen in a year, and even more so for a kid. It seems like yesterday I had a chubby little toddler to run after, but turns out she kind of grew up! I mean over the course of 2016 I weaned her off my breast, she had her 2nd birthday, and she’s potty trained. Small victories to say in the least, but now I feel like she’s basically an adult and with that comes a ‘big girl’ room. So I threw out the pink and grays to welcome a whole new look and feel to her space.

Finding out my style in decor took some time, but after hours of scouring Pinterest I figured out the direction I wanted to pursue. If you haven’t noticed, my style is more relaxed, I’m not that big into glamor… So it just seems natural to have my #CEBhome be a reflection of my personal taste. When I finally made the decision to start her room over, I started with a few small elements of decor that I’d found at a local thrift store. To me, that was the starting point of the direction I knew I wanted to go with in her room, and I love how easy and effortless this look is. Once I understood that, I really got into the groove of wanting to see her room complete.

Zara is super independent, and giving her this space where she can relax and do her own thing just feels so darn good! Design hasn’t always been my strong suit, but I feel like I know myself and my style enough to where I can be confident in designing a room for her.

I know first hand how overwhelming and even daunting it can be to try and decorate a home, so I’ve thought of 5 ways (or things you can get rather) that would update any room. Whether it’s a dining room, living room, or office these are things that you can place virtually anywhere to liven up the spaces in your home.

So here they are:

The statement piece. This was really big for me because I really wanted a piece that would really set the tone for the room. And I thought, what better than a bomb-ass tapestry by Keeka Collection? I think what I love most about this is that they’re so versatile and easy enough for even me to hang. Needless to say, this piece is such a wonderful addition to the house!

Remember, rugs make the room. Since I bought my first rug for the house, I’ve been on the hunt for rugs that add not only warmth to any room but depth and dimension. And when I saw the round jute rug of my dreams from Spura Home, it was love at first sight! I love how detailed it is, and the jute material is perfect for my messy, little toddler.

Go Green. I think my love for plants has multiplied since becoming a homeowner. I always admired them, but nothing like investing in your own to really feel some sort of pride for them. I hung an ivy and added a rubber plant from my friends over at Ruibal’s Garden Shop here in Dallas. And of course, I couldn’t not have a cactus in her room!

Add a pillow, or two, or three if you want! You wouldn’t believe how much character pillows add to any couch, accent chair, or bed… which is why I chose these mudcloth pillows from One Affirmation! They mostly come in neutral colors and can literally put anywhere and go with anything. They’re fun and they add a little texture to her room.

Slap a coat of paint on a wall. This was probably the most difficult part of the the whole process. At first I was indecisive on whether or not I should use black on any wall in my home, but now I’m absolutely obsessed! I chose a black that has blue undertones so it wouldn’t be too dull, and not I want to paint everything black.

Rug: Spura Home | Wall Hanging: Keeka Collection | Plants: Ruibal’s Garden Shop | Pillows: One Affirmation | Paint: Carbon by Behr

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena


  1. I love it, everything ties together so nicely! It’s a perfect room for her to grow into too, Zara is a lucky gal!

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