Please Snack Responsibly.

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2017 is in full swing now, and it’s all about starting new and hitting the refresh button. When the year started I knew I had some areas I wanted to work on in not only my professional life, but my personal life too And one of those things was improving my eating habits and snacking responsibly.

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In the last year, I had gotten extremely lazy in my snacking. Between renovating a house to just being on the go constantly, I had not time to stop and think about what I was actually putting into my body. I took food any time or any way I could get it. And boy, did I feel bloated! My jeans started getting tight and by the end of last year, I was just constantly feeling sluggish. It was the worst feeling ever, and I decided it was time to tweak some things.

-Like the main thing: I getting off my tooshy! So this year, I gave into peer pressure and decided to join a training group with my friends and it’s honestly the greatest thing! Not only am I motivated to get up and out, but it is a known fact that people who workout in groups see better results.

-And finally, I made conscious decisions about what I ate. So I’ve been eating less meat and more veggies, while laying back on sugars and dairy, and of course cutting out bread. Now, I’m strict with myself but I’m not intolerant and manage to sneak in some treats when I can. One snack I’m totally obsessed with (and totally don’t feel guilt about eating) is Noosa Yoghurt and their newest flavors!

Not only is Noosa Yoghurt thick and creamy, but their flavors are totally unique! My personal favorite was the orange & ginger, but I’m going to give you the run-down on each of the flavors and share what I topped them with!

​orange&ginger: This was my favorite of the bunch, though really it was hard to decide! I loved how you could taste the ginger and how it gave this one an unexpected kick. I added blueberries and coconut granola and this really did so much for this flavor, and I could eat it all day!

pear&cardamom: A little tart and a little spice were what came to mind when I tried this one. In my opinion, this was the sweetest flavor, but I added extra honey and granola to make it even more sweet and crunchy!

​strawberry&hibiscus: This one has a new twist on a classic flavor! It’s perfect blend with hibiscus cuts into the sweet! This was Zara’s favorite, because it was pink. I topped it with chia seeds to add a little texture!

Noosa Yoghurt nationwide at the Target nearest you, and here’s a coupon code* to use so you can start snacking responsibly. It may seem insignificant, but curbing your junk food cravings and eating better can take you a long way!

XOXO Camille Elena

*Please note this coupon can only be redeemed on a desktop.

Camille Elena


  1. Oooh, I love Noosa. This (and your Insta) reminded me that I need to pick some more up. ASAP. It’s always a must-have on a Costco trip, but those ginormous packs are limited in flavors. These sound so yummy!

  2. This is so timely .. I was just at Target this afternoon and bought the pear + cardamom. Love .. love .. love Noosa!

  3. I love snacking on chips, and I know its not healthy. I’ve been looking around for a healthier alternative, something delicious that I know I’ll enjoy. I will try Noosa. It looks like I am going to finally be able to dump those chips.

  4. It’s easy to grab any type of snack including the sweet one, but snacking responsibly is another story. Thank you for this inspiration! Healthy snack yet delicious!

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