Changes, and Things I’ve Learned in a Year of Blogging

I’ll admit that when I initially started my blog, I was scared. Scared to put myself out there, scared people wouldn’t appreciate my honesty, and scared that I wouldn’t find my niche. I wrote about anything and everything from past experiences to what I had done over the weekend, and after about six months of feeling uninspired I decided to start all over. Forreal this time! So here I am a year later, and I’m still finding ways to open up and be vulnerable to y’all.

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ONE YEAR. It’s been one year since I made the decision to go all in. It’s been such a thrilling experience and I get to reach people by being as real and honest as I can be. One thing that I strive for in my blog, social media, and real life is honesty. I never try to pretend that me and Zara are perfect. If you ask me a question, I’ll answer it to the best of my ability. If it’s on social media, I’ll speak from my heart. If you want to talk, I’m here. Letting people in has hurt me some ways in the past, but all the good that has come from it definitely overcomes that and keeps me encouraged enough to keep being an open book.

Stepping out with new look and feel has me just as nervous as when I started this blog in the first place. But really, Zara doesn’t look like the baby I had here as the banner to my site. And let’s face it, it was time for some change! Change of attitude, and just a little change of direction.

The pictures around the blog have changed, but the heart of the message is still the same. Having my name out there isn’t what it’s about for me, it’s about building the relationships I have with y’all and getting to reach out on a more personal level, because that’s what I’m here for!

So after a year of ‘forreal‘ blogging here are some things I can pass on to those who are just starting or feel like they’re in a rut (because we’ve all been there):

  1. Always stay yourself. Yes, styles change and how you dressed two years ago may not be how you dress now, or your hair is a lavender color, but in your heart you should always be true to who you are! I feel like I’ve kept it real since day one, and I cannot stress how important it is to be genuine.
  2. Don’t compare your growth to someone who has already ‘made it’. I’ve been guilty of this and I can honestly say it can be more discouraging than inspiring at times. Discouraging in the sense that I feel I may never reach a certain level. I’ve overcome this thought and I don’t let those frustrations get to me, and you shouldn’t either. Yes, there are lots of bloggers out there, but only one you! Remember that.
  3. Go ahead and make friends online! After all, it is called Social Media for a reason and is (in my opinion) a pretty powerful networking tool. So always be kind and make those connections! You never know who you’ll end up talking to.

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena


  1. It’s been so wonderful to see you evolve as a blogger. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. I want to say it’s been a year I believe since we’ve connected and your honesty really does transpire. Keep on doing you!

  2. Just recently started following you. I was amazed at how seamless you incorporates Zara into your lifestyle and yes your transparency. As a mom I need to be inspired to understand just that works. Love your content, pictures and willingness to share with us!! Thanks for those notes to remember!

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