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It’s the Holiday season, and with everything that is going on this time of year, it’s easy to get wrapped up in everything and get anxious about setting goals. Today I’m partnering with Shoe Carnival to share some of my ideas on how to mix it up!

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Nothing feels better than getting ahead in regards to fitness. I decided it had been long enough since I started a workout routine and I need to find a way to just set this season apart. So for the holidays I’ve decided to get right into one of my resolutions: Living a healthier lifestyle. I’m going to drink less wine and drink more water, switch the sweet for salads, and start my New Year’s resolutions a month early. That way I’m not dreading them so much and I can just continue what I’ve been practicing.


How I mixed it up:

Daily running routine. You might think I’m a freak, but I absolutely love running. But starting back up after taking a long and unnecessary hiatus was absolutely terrifying. Now that the weather is perfect I see that there are no excuses and that I should just get right back into it. Having a new running shoe helps too! The Nike Women’s Flex Trainers are perfect for everyday runs. They’re so light and agile, it just feels like you’re running with little effort! I also found this awesome Nike Brasilia bag at Shoe Carnival to lug everyday things around and even more workout attire for when I have time for a quick run.

Drinking more water. This is something that doesn’t come so easy for me because I get tired of water quickly. So a way I like to trick myself into drinking more is by constantly adding flavors or even methods. For instance, I love infusing lime into my water so I can trick myself into drinking more of it. So far it’s been working.


Cutting myself some slack. I’ll admit trying to stay on track around the holidays is hard. So for the days when I just want to enjoy spending time with my family, I won’t give myself such a hard time about it. There shouldn’t be any reason to fret about it, because Nike Flex Trainers look just as good on your days off!

Trying something different. I’ve never been one to go out in athleisure, but these Nike Flex Trainers have me thinking differently! For my sporty-chic outfit, I topped my regular workout attire with a leather motor jacket and my favorite sunglasses. Now I can do grocery runs in style!


XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena


  1. I commend you! I’m walker or not a runner! I can walk like nobody’s his business. I really love the shoes though! This super comfortable and cute.

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