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As Christmas draws near and the little ones grow more anxious about opening gifts, family traditions are what keep the holidays fun and exciting. With every passing year times like these are just much more appreciated especially when we find something to look forward to. Today, I’m sharing something new that we wanted to incorporate into our holiday season with JCPenney.

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Growing up in a home that didn’t really celebrate Christmas to it’s fullest capacity and rarely ever held any routine when December came around, I wasn’t much getting into the spirit. I was basically the Grinch. But recently I’ve had a change of heart (because becoming a parent can do that to you) and decided that this was the year that I was going to make a change. Maybe it was hearing Zara sing ‘Jingle Bells’ that made me think differently, or just the fact that she’s growing up but I just felt like introducing her to new things and even ways to make this time even more special.

Las Posadas has been something I’ve only ever experienced from an outsiders perspective.Even when I would go to family or friends’ Posadas, it something that I never understood the importance of until having a daughter of my own. And since I never did that formally as a child, I took it upon myself to get educated on my own Hispanic heritage and teach Zara about it too! Traditionally, Posadas are held to represent the journey Joseph and Mary took on the very first Christmas many years ago to the town of Bethlehem. It’s a time where families and even communities host these events by going from house to house seeking shelter and sing the hymns. When they finally arrive at the ‘inn’, they celebrate with a ponche, which is a hibiscus tea, and other Latin foods with family and friends.

Me and Zara created our own mini version of a Posada by eating pan dulce, candies, and drinking ponche with these beautiful serving dishes found in the JCPenney Home Store. The copper bowl is my favorite addition to my collection of dishes! It adds so much warmth to the white serving tray and mugs. At the end of celebration I didn’t make her reenact the whole scenario, but I’m glad I started with getting to learn more about it this year and I can’t wait to tell her the story and celebrate it next Holiday season.

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena


  1. This is so sweet girl. I’ve always not been a huge fan of Christmas and this year Tahlya has been digging the lights and music, so I’ve been getting into it too! It’s funny what kids do to us.?

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