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Life is the most remarkable and beautiful thing that can happen even when it throws you a curveball. When Robert and I first found out we were having Zara, we had so many questions about the future as first time parents. Everything just seemed so new and a little scary. Now that we’ve had a few years of experience and have been having thoughts to someday expand our family, those same questions don’t frighten  like they used to. One thing that comes with it is making the necessary upgrades.

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If you’re a mom who’s kid is an only child, then you’ve probably been asked ‘So when are you having another?’ way too much. Up until recently it would’ve been a big fat NO. But now that Zara is a little older and we’ve settled into our house, that is certainly something that we are more open to. Today I’ve partnered with Capital One to show all the millennial mamas that making an auto upgrade doesn’t have to be as daunting as it can seem sometimes. In fact, with the Capital One Auto Navigator site taking that step can be just a few clicks away!


When I think back to where we were just a few short years ago to where we are today, it’s hard not to notice the changes that have happened and  how we’ve evolved and progressed in that span of time. So when we think about upgrading our family car to something that will help is grow into the next phase of our lives it shouldn’t be such a hassle. We used the Auto Navigator to explore our car buying options and we loved how easy it is to imagine what our next family car will be! And as life is only getting busier, going to the bank and car dealership seems unreasonable and Capital One made it super convenient with everything from getting pre-approved to searching local dealerships online! What’s most amazing to me is that we can have access to it from virtually anywhere and can even go car shopping in our pajamas.

img_9670Making the decision to upgrade is such a big and exciting step not only for our family but for me and Robert as a young, married couple. What we love most about this is that we can make financing adjustable with all the different options they have available for us to take this step confidently. We want to have peace with whatever we decide and Capital One’S Auto Navigator site has really taken the stress out of this process!


XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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