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I like to think of myself as a pretty practical person, and I try to apply that practicality to all areas of life because some things just have to make sense right? Fashion is one area I especially like to be practical with.

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Now I’m no Kim K or Kylie Jenner, so belly-baring and nip-slips just don’t cut it for me. That’s what I love about style: It’s something so personal and expressive to oneself. So if it’s comfy, and gives me some breathing room to let my gut hang (especially after a tray of tacos!), then that’s usually the outfit I go with.


Thats why I am obsessed about the Revolve Tank from The Shop Kindred, which is perfect for date night or just a night out with your girls! I am all about loose-fitting blouses, that are flattering and that make me feel good. Because it’s it’s more than just looking good ladies, am I right?

I paired it with their Honeymoon Hat (which I will be giving away soon with a little something extra!) shorts, and booties to ‘fall it up’. I will be repeating this outfit through the autumn months, because let’s face it I live in Dallas and it stays warm. So watch out Instagram!



The second look I’m delighted to share with you is the gray Isla Dress, which I think is perfect for running errands when you want to look effortless.

Since I’m petite, I’ve come to embrace the fact that I can’t always pull off patterned dresses, but I’m okay with that. The fade and texture really soften up the solid color, so it’s not your typical gray.


I love this dress because it’s so light, airy, and simply cute! Not everything has to be complex when it comes to going out and about. I find I feel most attractive when I’m just being me.

I wore their Crescent Necklace as a statement to give this relaxed look some edge! I can’t wait for it to cool down a bit so I can wear it with oversized sweaters.


Clothes and accessories courtesy of The Shop Kindred.

-XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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