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There’s a saying that goes, ‘it’s nothing personal, it’s strictly business.’ But when you’re a small business, it’s always personal. Whether it’s addressing clients or answering a simple email, it’s the attention to details and to customer service that always reflect the heart of the small business owner. When Margie Aguilar founded Industrial Strength Productions, (ISP) with business partner Dan Craig, like any start-up they had limited funds but a huge dream and vision for where they wanted to go.

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ISP Team

Fast forward eighteen years later, ISP has matured into a company that serves its clients whole-heartedly and has overcome many business challenges. They survived 9/11, the Great Recession, and a less then great economy, but they have come out as champions, stronger and wiser. Watching them succeed is always such an inspiration to me. I have watched them grow since I was a girl into this incredible production company, who not only mentors me but pushes me to better my own entrepreneurial journey.


They have received numerous awards and client praises, yet ISP goes through each project with grace and humility. They’re always ready to take on new challenges, and do their absolute best from concept to completion in order to delight each customer. Because when you put out quality work, people notice.

And they have noticed.


Having earned the trust of many corporate clients, their work has taken them to many places, even to Cuba! But when they’re not traveling the globe, ISP serves its local community by volunteering its time, talents, and studio to elevate and inspire the communities around them. They even have kids as young as seven tour the studio to encourage younger generations to pursue their dreams and follow their heart.


I am so proud to see how ISP Studios has excelled throughout the years and I’m excited to see them take on new challenges! They truly touch the lives of everyone around them.

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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