When Mint Works Their Magic

It’s not everyday you walk into a place, let alone a dentist office that treats you like family. But there Mint Dentistry was, ready and willing to solve any issues I had with my teeth with open arms.

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I’ll admit it, I’m one of those grown ups that is kind of chicken when it comes to visiting a dentists’ office and given the last experience I had over  four years ago (YES, you read that correctly four years), I was a little wary going in. But I was mainly wary of what they would find, and up until this point I was living with the ‘what I don’t know, won’t hurt me’ philosophy. But I was long overdue for a cleaning, so I had to man-up.

Mint Dentistry quickly erased any memory or negative feelings I ever had about getting a check up. I’m pretty sure I said this there, but it was like going to a spa for your teeth! They even had a massaging chair.


Everyone was so warm, friendly, and patient with Zara who quickly made friends with anyone willing to give her a sucker. And for al the parents out there, they were sugar-free!

What I loved most was the whitening tray process (which is free if you have PPO insurance!), especially since I’m an avid coffee drinker! Lauryn did a great job at explaining and getting my mold, even while I was snapping it and trying hard not to laugh so much. But the process was so easy and so fast, and the molding actually tasted like mint. They had my whitening trays and gel ready for me by the time the appointment was over.


When I met with Dr. Kweik, she confirmed what I had had a hunch about: my wisdom teeth. Not to worry, she didn’t rush me off into oral surgery but she did emphasize some points to me about what I had going on back there, which involved cavities. Yes, cavities. And I know what you’re thinking: who gets cavities in their 20’s, I thought that was something only kids get.



But it’s something you can still get even when you’re not a kid anymore. Who knew? She was so gracious and kind and didn’t make me feel judged for having neglected my oral health a little bit.

What struck me most though was the fact that in order for me to set a good example on oral hygiene, I needed to be better and more consistent about it myself. I can’t expect for Zara to care about something that I haven’t been good about myself. So looks like her and I will be visiting regularly, which I don’t mind after having been with Mint. Emphasizing the importance of oral health is something we can both take part in!


Of course, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear afterwards! My teeth felt fantastic and super clean! After having such a wonderful and pleasant experience, I can’t wait to meet with Mint again for future appointments.


Teeth cleaning and whitening trays courtesy of Mint Dentistry. If you’re in the DFW be sure to book your appointment here!

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena


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