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When couples do pre-marital counseling, some are advised to not try certain things lest they put strain on their new marriage. Like renovating a house. Since Robert and I were eloped, we didn’t really have the time to do a course until after. So here we are, two years into marriage and renovating a house. And although it hasn’t put any crazy stress (thank God) on our relationship, it did affect our dating life. Which is why I’m so glad we took the time to play tourists in our own city this weekend while staying at the Hilton Anatole.



When it’s been two months since you’ve gone on a date with your spouse, it’s hard not to want to do everything in one hour. But we were really happy with how things played out. We had a set of events, but tried not to force anything. Because who actually has fun when it’s being forced? And after all, we were just there to enjoy each others’ company.


Saturday afternoon, we checked in and made ourselves right at home. Everyone at the Anatole was so welcoming, courteous, and willing to help if we needed anything. I think when you’re in an environment where you feel like you’re taken care of, it makes your time getting away all that more meaningful and stress-free.


One thing we kept in mind was to stay open to new experiences. When you’re stay-cationing in your hometown, it’s easy to go out to all your usual spots. So keeping it to things that we haven’t done as a couple was what we aimed for. We tried as hard as we could to stay away from any neighborhoods, restaurants, and activities we’d already done.

And we loved it.

We shopped at a local grocery store in uptown and headed to Deep Ellum, which is somewhere we actually never venture. We were surprised by how many young families were actually walking around and enjoying themselves. But like I said, we are still in our city so we weren’t surprised when we (Robert) ran into someone we knew.

In the evening, we attended Shakespeare in the Park to watch an Richard III outdoors. We brought a blanket, our takeout from Tanoshii, a bottle of prosceco, and our champagne gummy bears to compliment our bubbly as dessert. It was such a lovely evening, and the perfect way to spend a romantic night out.


Isn’t it funny that even after having lived in Dallas for so long that we are still able to find new things and events to attend? That’s what I love most about our city: it’s growing just like we are.

The whole time we were just saying how we couldn’t wait to bring Zara to all the urban treasures we had discovered over the weekend. One of the best joys of being a parent is having someone to share everything you know with and more

We forgot about how much time we have when we aren’t chasing after Zara. But of course, we missed her and her spirit a ton!


The next morning, we woke up to the most spectacular view of our city and had ourselves a big breakfast and just let the day happen as it came. We hopped around different neighborhoods in Dallas, and although it was hot, it was wonderful and relaxing! It was just great to do our own thing.


We can’t wait for our next stay-cation at the Anatole, and we certainly can’t wait to bring Zara to Jade Waters so see can experience this place for herself.

Our stay for the weekend, was courtesy of Hilton Anatole.

XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena


  1. We seem to be spirit animals, haha! The best of us elope and renovate/buy a house within the first few years of marriage!

    We sure do miss Dallas, but will vicariously live through your blog ❤️

  2. Wow!!! How did you do a hotel collab?? That sounds very interesting to me.. It seemed very luxurious there.. Thank you for sharing with me. We need to get together sometimes I’m always in the Dallas area!! Blogger meet up!!

    • Yes!! We totally need to meet up! And this hotel is iconic here in Dallas so it was nice to stay somewhere with such great history and the fact that they’re expanding excites me ?

  3. Love your sentiment of your city growing as you both are in your marriage! Also love making the effort to experience new places and see new things! Definitely inspiring me to visit a new part of NYC I’ve never been to. One of my fave posts to date!!

    • AW!!! Yes, well Dallas is thriving 🙂 and y’all should totally do it! Us marrieds have to encourage each other to keep the love alive haha.

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