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With Zara getting older (and smarter) she’s starting to question what I’m feeding her and gone are the days when she trustingly ate whatever I put on her plate. I have joked about it many times, but for being a ‘stay at home mom’ I am certainly not home that often and especially throughout the week. And with a growing soon-to-be-two toddler, having snacks on hand is essential for my day to go smoothly. It’s so easy to do the fast food thing. And I will admit there are times when I cave in and get the nuggets because it’s fast, easy and it makes Zara happy. But even I have to stop myself and take a moment to pack her something so she won’t eat junk all day.

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I’ve partnered with Yummy Spoonfuls an organic baby and toddler food company, to announce their big launch on June 12. Yummy Spoonfuls was founded by Agatha Achindu and Camila Alves with the purpose of making food for our littles that’s not only healthy and all-organic, but delicious too! Their goal is to make healthy snacks accessible and affordable to all the mamas who are on the run.


I’ve only been a mother for less than two years, but I have come to realize that preparation is MAJOR key. And Yummy Spoonfuls is great for just that. It’s already prepared and super fresh for when Zara needs a pick-me-up! Not to mention it’s real food. There are no GMO’s or preservatives to compromise the integrity of your little’s food. Because they are moms themselves, they understand the importance of knowing what’s going into their kids’ bellies and care about what is going into others’ kids too!

Yummy Spoonfuls jpegs- AGATHA and CAMILA

I know we are all busy and don’t always have time to meal prep! When I’m running around town, food is usually the last thing on my mind (I know that’s hard to believe), but they make it so easy to make a conscious decision to give our babies the absolute best. And although it’s getting harder to feed Zara an entire meal, it will definitely be easier to sneak the good stuff in with Yummy Spoonfuls!

You can find these and more exclusively at your local Target June 12.

-XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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