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Motherhood has been quite the journey. From finding out Robert and I were expecting to now, when Zara is almost two, it definitely has taken me down a road I never thought I’d love so much.

Having been raised by a mother who’s a fiercely independent and an entrepreneur on that note, it’s a joy for me to partner with small businesses. But it is an absolute treat when I get to work along side brands that are women-owned businesses like K & Elphy.

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The brand caught my eye a little over a year ago when I stumbled upon her page on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her work. The details of her sandals and the cuteness of the kids wearing her styles had me hooked. And as a shoe lover, I just appreciated her passion for styled footwear for kids!


Zara and I are wearing the Mommy + Me Greek Summer Leather Gladiators, and they are simply the cutest! I mean, I love my pair but seeing them on Zara made my heart swoon. Never in my life did I ever think I’d be the type to twin with my daughter, but hello, have you seen these? The lace comes in many different colors and patterns,


Between the stitching and the pink tassels, I feel like I’m having a major ‘girl’ moment! I simply can’t get enough of how precious she looks in gladiators *insert heart eyes emoji! This obviously doesn’t help me in the fact that she’s growing up.


Style suggestions for your sandals:

  • Size up! K & Elphy goes by European sizing, so make sure you visit the sizing chart and pull out the measuring tape to get the best idea of how big your little’s foot is. Once you got that, go up one size.
  • Double-knot the bow. Y’all, these sandals are really pretty and the tassels are to die for! So imagine how lovely they look to your toddler? To avoid any untying and potential tripping, make sure you tie the bow twice so she can’t untie her gorgeous sandals.
  • Take care. To clean your sandals, simply use a wet rag and polish them with a little olive oil.
  • Wear them how you want! I paired mine and Zara’s with a skirt and dress for a more feminine approach, but feel free to pair them with distressed denim short or pants to give them an edge. She also has studded sandals on her shop that I adore!


In honor of K & Elphy’s Spring Launch, I am teaming up with her for a GIVEAWAY! Winner will receive the Mommy + Me pair featured on today’s post (in whatever color lace you prefer). For more details on how to participate see my latest post on Instagram (@camille.elena)!


Be sure to check out the K & Elphy on Etsy and Instagram and her newly launched kid fashion blog for more cuteness!

XOXO Camille Elena

Photography by the talented Maribel Morales.

Camille Elena

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