Put Down the Phone, Mom

The relevance of time grows on us as we get older. We make it and we need it. Yet time is not something we may not often think of as important as it’s happening.


.  .  .

When I was officially considered a mom, I heard the phrase ‘time is going to go by so fast’ and I thought they were exaggerating. But they weren’t kidding, and it did go by so fast. Nearly two years have gone by since, and I still can’t seem to harness it.


One of my goals as a mother is to be more in the moment (and off my phone) with my family. Life is already busy enough without having to be glued to a device while I’m with them. And I admit, it’s hard when I’m trying to answer back emails and other notifications received on it, but ultimately, it’s not what truly matters. And that’s why I love my JORD wood watch.


It allows me to actually accomplish my goals little by little. As hard as it is to put the phone down, it reminds me that in reality we don’t have much time. We only have what’s been given to us and it is really just up to us to cherish it. Not to mention I don’t have to be constantly checking my phone for the hour.


JORD has several beautiful time pieces, but my favorite is the Fieldcrest Series in Maple. I love how versatile the watch truly is, and the brightness and quality in the wood is stunning! Even Zara let out an ‘wow’ when I unwrapped my package!


Three months into 2016, and I think it’s time to recommit to my goals. Being with each other is just too important. Looking forward to more (phone less) family adventures this year, and I’m also looking forward to wearing this out more!


XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena


  1. Isn’t it shame on how easy it is to get distracted with technology nowadays? I mean literally, I use my phone fore everything whether it’s for work, GPS, searching for stuff on web… ETC so I can definitely relate to this post!

    • Right! I’m literally just trying to get things done. And everyone (including my husband) thinks I’m always socializing. Being a mom boss is so hard!

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