A Place of Our Own, Pt 1

Life as we know it is about to change. The time has come for Robert and I to move our family into a place we call our own; our own home. Our experience has been somewhat of a whirlwind. From filing our taxes, to seeking out houses, to shopping for little things here and there. This is definitely a journey that I’ve never been more ready for.

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For the past year and a half Robert and I have been saving money in hopes of buying a house. There were trials, and there were a few setbacks, but we’ve finally reached our goal and we are now in the process of searching for a home. And let me tell you, it’s kind of exhausting. The day after we found out we were pre-approved, we decided to drive around. For miles. Luckily it was a beautiful day. Beautiful enough that I didn’t mind sitting in the car for several hours.

We drove from house to house… neighborhood to neighborhood, hoping we’d find ‘The One’ and our hunt was not a success. We drove past a condo in a nice area, and we thought ‘We could see ourselves here, right?’ WRONG. We asked our realtor to see the place and it was the most awkward viewing ever. The people were still inside hanging out, and I’m pretty sure their son was playing Call of Duty. We still hoped for the best, but ultimately raising Zara in a complex just might not be the best and we don’t want to cut ourselves short.

When we looked at a home in a popular urban area in the Dallas area and things were starting to look up! It was like a blank slate. Something we could really spruce up while we were there; a house project. But again it wasn’t in the best area. So again, we it was something that didn’t feel right to us.

I think what Robert wants for me the most is a place I can add my touch to. He is so sweet. And despite what home we get I came up with a list of MUST HAVES that we want done:

  1. Kitchen- after searching through Pinterest like a mad woman, I think I’ve finally found a concept I like. I want neutral colors all around, white cabinets, and natural wood. We have come to the conclusion that any house we get is probably going to need to get updated, but I’m totally fine with that!
  2. Exterior Paint– nothing I love more than seeing a refurbished home! It gives me so many ideas and inspires me to do more with what we purchase. I’m really into the medium gray painted brick house! I am just so excited to upgrade and turn it into our dream!

This is has been the first part of our journey to finding a home. Feel free to leave any advice in the comments, or share your experience with the process. I would love to hear any tips or trick when it comes to renovating or decorating!

-XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena


  1. I remember when my wife and I started our home search. Our wishlist was both short and long. We had a long list of what we really wanted in a house and most of this list were things we could eventually add or renovate the house to get our long wish list. Having that short wish list of must haves. Saved us so much time in house hunting because we only looked at those houses that met our criteria

    • Yes! Same here we know they type of structure we’re seeking to sort of renovate. We saw a house yesterday and asked our realtor to start the buying process, but the next morning it went under contact after having been on the market for 3 days! But we are super looking forward to checking off our list!

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