Afraid To Admit Failure

Life hasn’t always been kind to me. I can recall specific incidents that occurred that still make me cringe… Chipping my tooth in the third grade, having to take accounting two times before passing the third time.
But the most recent letdown happened just last week when I received a call about being dismissed from a position as a stylist at a “Boutique in Dallas”. And before I get into this, working at the kind of boutique that it is with as little experience as I had was in a sense a dream come true. Everyday was a learning experience and everyday I made it my goal to learn something new. I love fashion, so I thought, why not work there? So hearing the news, and on my week off no less, was a bit heartbreaking I must admit. My first reaction was, what do I tell Robert? My second was, how will Zara view me? I know my husband is loving and understanding and Zara is still a baby and will not be affected by it too much. Yet having to admit I had failed at something made me sick to my stomach.

Fast forward to today- Robert certainly did not react as bad as I thought he would, and I exited as professionally as I could given the situation. I am at peace.

Even though I will miss being surrounded by boxes of unwrapped clothes and will no longer feel the thrill of organizing a shoe-room, I can have the satisfaction of having that I did my best. Sometimes we fail. Life goes on. But we cannot give up.

Hoping this motivates someone to finish out there week on a strong note.

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-XOXO Camille Elena

Camille Elena

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